How To Make A Barre Playlist
Your Students Will Love

We all want to make great playlists for our barre classes, right? The sort of class playlist where the songs flow seamlessly into each other, the tempo perfectly matches the exercises, and students get excited to hear them? Of course!

When we’re teaching barre certification classes - either online or in-person - we hear the “What about my playlist?!!” question A LOT. Here are our 7 best tips!

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5 Reasons You're Worried About Taking An
Online Barre Teacher Certification Class

Have you heard that barre classes have become all the rage? What once was a rarity at fitness clubs is now popping up everywhere, and the world needs certified barre instructors to meet the booming demand! Learning to teach barre can open up a whole new world of career opportunities for a fitness enthusiast like you.

But is an online barre training the way to go? If you have questions or are still hesitating, we'll address 5 common worries and provide tips for overcoming them.

Is Your Barre Class A Fake?
Why It Matters And How To Tell

You put on your stretchy pants, you pony up $25 for an hour of tiny pulsing movements and you wonder:

Is this for real? What sort of barre certification do these instructors have? Are they just former ballerinas? 

how to get certified as a barre instructor online