How To Teach Barre Online (Tips From Someone Who's Been Doing It For 4 Years!)

Teaching barre online sounds incredible, right? You get all the best parts of teaching barre - the flexible schedule, staying fit, making great playlists, helping people get stronger and more flexible - AND you don’t even have to leave the house!!

When we heard that Barre & Soul Academy alum Lara Foldvari taught barre online exclusively - zero in-person classes! - we had to know more.

An interview with Lara Foldvari, of Barre On The Go

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Lara Foldvari

How To Change Careers And Become A Barre Instructor

If you’ve ever found yourself exhausted, grumpy, and worn down from your 9-to-5, quietly googling “How do I change careers and become a barre instructor” on your lunch break … you’re not alone.

In fact, many of the people who go through our online barre teacher certification program are hoping to do just that!

But it can feel totally overwhelming. Where do you start? What about all the money and time you spent getting the education you needed for your current job? Would you really enjoy the day-to-day reality of being a barre instructor more than your current career?

We get it. Our Melrose senior studio manager Camille has a Master’s Degree in Public Health and left a career in biotech to be a fulltime barre instructor. Here’s how she did it!

We're Training for Life

By Tasha Nathan
I remember the first time I held a plank for 8 seconds longer than I usually did, the first time I did a full set of push ups on my toes instead of my knees.

I remember when I first felt the strength I was cultivating in barre class outside of the studio. I lifted my luggage into the overhead bin, boarding a flight for work, and thought “wow that was easy!”

I’d continue to notice this while lugging groceries from the store to my apartment, or in other fitness classes where my barre training crossed over and increased my endurance and alignment. I’d often reflect on these moments while teaching, saying “we’re training for life” or “what you do on the mat will follow you out of this room.”

I also remember the first time I began to learn what that really means.


7 Surprising Ways To Make New Clients Feel Welcome

You want to make new clients feel welcome, right? We all do! Whether these new clients are doing yoga, barre, Zumba, or taking part in an ecstatic dance pop-up class, you always want them to feel like they belong.

While we hope you’re capturing the hearts of new clients 365 days a year, January is typically when you’ll see a big influx of new clients and trying something new can be intimidating for a lot of people!

From deciding to work with you, to signing up, to actually getting in the car and showing up, you want them to know their investment was worth it.

So how do you give new clients a warm welcome and make sure they feel like they belong? After years of experience creating a friendly and warm community (Seriously! Lifelong friendships are forged at our studios all the time!) here’s what we recommend …

5 Surprising Ways Your Fitness Studio Can Make WAY More Money On Black Friday

Black Friday for fitness studios: Do those four words get your heart racing? Did your head start spinning with images of never-ending to-do lists and clients asking about coupon codes?

Yeah, us too. As consumers AND as a business, Black Friday can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

There’s also no denying that Black Friday is an opportunity for your fitness business to bring in a lot of extra money, whether you own a studio, work with clients 1:1, run workshops or a combination of all three!

We recently had our most successful Black Friday of all time (you can see how we promoted it on Instagram here) and we wanted to share what we learned so you can come back to this article anytime you’re planning a big sale!

4 Ways To Make More Money As A Barre Instructor

So you’re perusing your options for online barre certification, wondering if you’ll be able to make money as a barre instructor. That’s a valid question, and you’ll find as many opinions on the subject as there are barre instructors!

But with ten years in business (woop!) and hundreds of barre instructors certified through our Academy, we can confidently share what we’ve learned to be the top four ways to make money as a barre instructor.

Tried and verified, baby. Check them out!

How To Make A Barre Playlist
Your Students Will Love

We all want to make great playlists for our barre classes, right? The sort of class playlist where the songs flow seamlessly into each other, the tempo perfectly matches the exercises, and students get excited to hear them? Of course!

When we’re teaching barre certification classes - either online or in-person - we hear the “What about my playlist?!!” question A LOT. Here are our 7 best tips!


5 Reasons You're Worried About Taking An
Online Barre Teacher Certification Class

Have you heard that barre classes have become all the rage? What once was a rarity at fitness clubs is now popping up everywhere, and the world needs certified barre instructors to meet the booming demand! Learning to teach barre can open up a whole new world of career opportunities for a fitness enthusiast like you.

But is an online barre training the way to go? If you have questions or are still hesitating, we'll address 5 common worries and provide tips for overcoming them.

Is Your Barre Class A Fake?
Why It Matters And How To Tell

You put on your stretchy pants, you pony up $25 for an hour of tiny pulsing movements and you wonder:

Is this for real? What sort of barre certification do these instructors have? Are they just former ballerinas? 

how to get certified as a barre instructor online