This teaching training was a great stepping stone for boosting my confidence, and it catapulted my life toward entrepreneurship. 

After the training, and with the guidance and support of Andrea, I quit my full time job as a food scientist and transitioned to a career teaching barre and yoga full time. 

I now have my own business organizing yoga events and leading yoga retreats around the world.  

This training changed my life, and I wouldn't be where I am today without it.  

I'll never forget meeting up with Andrea for coffee after the training, and having her help me strategize how I could quit my job and make barre & yoga a career. 

I really felt she went above and beyond to help me make my dreams come true.

Over the 4 years that I've been working for her, every time I thank her for all that she's done for me and my dreams, she always says, "Thank YOU for helping MY dreams come true." 

Andrea is a great role model for female entrepreneurs because she really wants to empower others in a world where competition can be fierce.

Amy - Certified Barre Instructor


Alexandra - Barre Certified Instructor

Before learning about this training, I had been practicing various methods of Barre in the local area as part of my re-entry into ‘working out’ following four years of physical therapy. After a chronic neck injury, severe sciatica and rotator cuff injuries on both sides, I had been seeking a low-impact fitness option that I could count on for strengthening and conditioning and fell in love with the energy of Barre immediately.

After almost 2 years of practicing Barre, I started thinking about becoming an instructor, but wasn’t sure where to start or whether I was really strong enough to complete a training. Furthermore, I was working in a demanding office environment and wasn’t sure I could take the necessary time off.

Once I heard about this training, I had a gut feeling that pursuing my dream was within reach. The fact that I was able to complete the training alongside my job was key. I was not able to give up my job or paycheck to pursue this passion and the course structure helped me to do both.

Being able to complete training alongside my job made attending training a reality and helped me set a new course for my career. And through training I regained the strength and confidence in my abilities to give me new found belief in myself.

Completing my barre teacher training was the first thing I had really done for ‘myself’ in several years and helped me to reconnect with my true passions and interests.

After my training I decided to pursue my interest in public health and wellness. I began working as a barre instructor and within 6 months fulfilled a lifelong dream of attending graduate school. Becoming an instructor prior to graduate school couldn’t have been more perfect. The serendipity of it all truly blows my mind. While I was in school I found that I was able to have a rewarding career alongside my studies.

Furthermore, having completed a 100-hr training with Andrea, who has a background working with some of the most highly reputable individuals within the Barre community, opened doors for me. From a new Barre instructor in the small town of Portsmouth, NH, I was able to break into teaching in a major international city - Stockholm, Sweden - where Barre was about to make a big splash.

During a two-year period, I substituted Barre classes at three different studios in Stockholm, held Barre Workshops to introduce people to Barre, and eventually held my own courses in Barre and Cardio Barre where I lived. I was always welcomed back to the Barre & Soul® Portsmouth studio as a substitute during the summer months and truly felt like an important part of the community.

Alexandra - Barre Certified Instructor

Since graduating from school, I have been an entrepreneur, working together with my husband on our business and diving head-first into my teaching career. After my neck injury I truly questioned whether I would ever be able to lead the active lifestyle I was accustomed to.

Three years after my barre teacher training, I can honestly say that my entire life has changed. Not only am I stronger physically and mentally, but I am creating a life around my passions and able to share what I love with those around me. There’s no better feeling in the world!

Trust your gut. If you feel drawn to this training, don’t hesitate, just be open to where walking through a new door may lead you. By staying open and listening to your heart, you’ll discover a whole world of new possibilities.

Andrea is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Lotte Berk and is focused on maintaining the integrity of Barre classes. During a time when everyone seems able to promote themselves as a trusted resource as a consequence of social media, it can be hard to know who to trust. But, Andrea truly knows what she is talking about and has done the research, the practice, and the creative thinking necessary to deliver an effective and inspiring method.

There is no doubt that I would recommend this barre teacher training. It provides a solid foundation to launch a career as a Barre instructor. It is also an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Barre to advance their practice with more knowledge and information.