4 Ways To Make More Money As A Barre Instructor

Private barre classes

Many clients prefer one-on-one attention and are willing to pay a premium for personalized instruction. Whether they’re working with an injury, feeling intimidated by group classes, or just can’t make a studio schedule work for their lifestyle, you can be the solution to their problem! You could connect with these students during your in-studio classes, or promote yourself primarily as a private instructor.

Start your 1:1 program by determining what their goals and challenges are, and map out a plan over 8-10 sessions. You can cater the workout and choreography to exactly what your client needs, giving them an even more effective experience to address their goals.

If you don’t have a studio space available for your use, consider stocking up on a few basic props like a speaker, weights, and a pilates ball, and traveling to your clients’ homes to get them pulsing to the beat! (You can start teaching this way immediately after you finish your certification with Barre & Soul Academy, before you even audition at a single studio!)

Host workshops and pop-up classes

A well executed barre class is great, but barre with a twist is even better! Consider putting a fun spin on your usual barre routine to make things a little more enticing – and make more money per class!

We’ve seen wildly successful events that included a post-class potluck, themed playlists and costumes, “bring your boo” classes for couples, and more. Let your creative juices run wild, and enjoy a little payday too: workshops generally cost more than the usual drop-in rate, and instructors can easily make $200-$400 with a well-attended workshop.

Pop-up classes are another great way to get out into the community and teach in a different setting. “Barre at the Bar” has become a popular twist in recent years as breweries have increasingly opened up for events. Our Barre & Soul studios have also hosted fundraiser classes for local animal shelters like “Barre and Bunnies”, or held partnership classes with local boutiques, hot/cold therapy businesses, or even a spin studio.

Although they require a bit more legwork (see what we did there?) to fill your roster, workshops and pop-ups are a great way to bring new people into the fold and make great money for an hour or two of teaching.

Lead luxury barre retreats

Level up, level up! If barre at the bar is great… barre followed by some local wine on the coast of Portugal is even better! Gather your peeps and plan a vacation they will never forget.

If you have never planned a retreat before, consider working with a company that will help plan the details for you so that you can focus on teaching great classes and keeping your students happy! Your clients will see you as a teacher that has added immense value to their lives. Bingo.

The perks for you? You get a free, luxury vacation, AND depending on how much of a profit margin you add, you can make some good money too! Some fitness professionals make retreats a cornerstone of their business and create a culture of adventure, luxury, or connecting with community. If you love to travel, getting certified to teach barre might be the key that unlocks a whole new lifestyle!

Take barre to the corporate world

Hospitals, office buildings, law firms, you name it: many companies are finally recognizing the benefits of offering on-site wellness classes for their employees. They’re also willing to pay good money to bring in a certified, knowledgeable instructor like you!

Position yourself well to jump on the next opportunity by designing a class package that includes a certain number of classes on site. A slick flier can be helpful (or at least a business card!) so the person scheduling classes has all of the information they need on hand.

Pro Tip: Since you are traveling to the business, consider including travel costs in your pricing. If you are providing props, mats, or other materials, consider those in your package price too!

Learn about more ways to make money as a barre teacher

The great thing about teaching fitness is that the sky's the limit! There are so many creative (and FUN) ways to make a great income while staying active, connecting with great people, and sharing what you love.

Sounds good, right?

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It’s time to make earning a great income fun. Join us!