I'm Andrea Isabelle Lucas, the founder of Barre & Soul® Studios and Barre & Soul Academy®. I'm also the Author of Own It All.

I have over a decade of experience with barre and the Lotte Berk tradition.

I've met far too many "barre teachers" who've been duped by faux training programs that teach yoga and cardio moves, add some weights and call it barre.

My team and I were determined to build the most comprehensive and authentic barre teacher curriculum possible, so we headed back to the source — to Esther Fairfax in England, the daughter of Lotte Berk, creator of barre, and the only person in the world qualified to certify other teachers in Lotte's true, pure, original barre methods.

After training with Esther and becoming certified in Lotte Berk's original barre training methods, we returned home and hunkered down to combine this with our own elite teacher training methodology and our experience in the business of barre.

We're real people just like you — I'm a mom with two kids and a crazy busy schedule. So we wanted to make sure that our teacher training was not just thorough and comprehensive, but also accessible to people who have jobs and lives and can't just drop everything to hoof it into the studio everyday for an in-person training program.

Andrea Isabelle Lucas

OWN IT ALL -By Andrea Isabelle Lucas

How To Stop Waiting For Change and Start Creating It.

Because Your Life Belongs To You.

Can just ONE mindset shift take you from hesitation and wishful thinking, to unapologetically owning your life and taking powerful actions every day?

Own It All has a simple answer to that question: hell yes!
If you can feel massive potential buzzing in your veins, but you’re not living up to it…

If you’re the friend who supports everyone’s dreams, while yours are withering…

If you worry that you can’t be a present mom AND have a thriving career…

This book is one-part manifesto + one-part workbook + one-part interview collection, featuring insightful conversations with business leaders like: Ashley Ambirge, Susan Hyatt, Esther Fairfax, Alexia Vernon, Katherine North, Nick North, Kimmie Smith, and many others.

It’s time to Own It All.

Own It All - Andrea Isabelle Lucas