We are Barre & Soul® and Barre & Soul Academy®

Barre Instructor Smiling

There are some things worth believing in with all your might.

Things like the perfect leather jacket and mimosas for breakfast.
Another one of those things is the obsession that happens when you discover something you never knew existed before—something that could change everything.

That’s what we’re humbled to say Barre & Soul® has been for so many of our students: a total, wild card game changer. So many times we hear, “I kept meaning to sign-up, but I never did, and I never did, and I never did, and then one day, I finally just said ‘HEALTH YEAH’—and then basically went on to discover the meaning of life.” (Or, at least, that exercise didn’t have to suck.)

Because the way we work out at Barre & Soul® isn’t like anything you’ve ever done before. Sure, you might’ve taken a barre class, and you’ve probably done a yoga pose now and again, but here, it’s not just about the exercise, but what it means when we do it.Born and raised in Florida with a passion, a guitar, a laptop, and a dream, I’m honored to work in an industry where I can help people experience joy, nostalgia, and escape through music.

Many people asked me, “How did you get started as a DJ?”

I don’t know. I just know I’ve fallen IN LOVE with music for a long time. All of the years of listening to and performing music helped me hone the ability to read the crowd. My focus is to get and keep the party going, bring you the best musical experience.

I’m an open format-style DJ, which means I can mix several genres based on the needs of the event and clients. My style is professional yet fun, and I’ll match my energy to your event.

When you hire me, you’ll work directly with me. You don’t have to worry about planning with anyone else. I’ll take care of your event from start to finish.