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Jenna Brynn Melgar is an E-RYT 500 with over 3,000 hours of instruction.

About two years after her first yoga class, she took the leap into a 200 YTT program. Within months after completion, she quit her day job in Las Vegas, NV, and became a full-time yoga instructor.

Shortly after she moved to Washington, DC, where she led yoga and meditation for local studios as well as corporate and government agencies.

Jenna had the honor of teaching yoga classes at the Departments of Justice, Energy, and Commerce as well as the White House Athletic Center.

She loves to use 'was a government contractor' in the game 2 truths and a lie. After living in Las Vegas then DC, it was time to settle down somewhere quaint and cozy.

This brought her to Portsmouth, NH. Upon moving to Portsmouth, she discovered Barre & Soul and the rest is history.

Having taught over 1,000 classes at Barre & Soul, she is a Master Trainer and the Operations Assistant for the company. Jenna is truly excited to lead the Yoga Teacher Training program and looks forward to guiding each individual on their own personal paths.


Here’s how you earn your certification:

  • Demonstrate 50 yoga poses
  • Practice teach over 30 yoga sequences
  • Create a final product—original 45 minute yoga class script
  • Identify your yoga niche; Validate your yoga side hustle idea and learn pricing, email list building, and tools for business    
  • Build a micro website and social media promotional campaign 
  • Teach your class on Facebook Live and Zoom
  • Bonus: in-person Grand Finale activities (optional)


AIL - Bio movement

Barre & Soul® Founder Andrea Isabelle Lucas is committed to revolutionizing the way we feel about our bodies... and our beliefs about ourselves.

Lucas fell in love with barre in 2006, when she began taking classes while pregnant with her second child. Less than a year after giving birth, she not only had a new obsession, but a transformed body and mind—all while going through a long and difficult divorce.

Fast forward a handful of years, and after managing one of the most prominent barre studios in the US, she would soon find herself in England training in the exclusive original Lotte Berk Method and dedicating her professional life to barre.

She also completed the widely-respected 200-Hour PranaVayu Yoga Training and is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT and YACEP.

Today, over 15 years into her career as a master teacher trainer, Andrea’s become a prominent thought leader in this branch of the fitness world, being featured in places like Forbes, Entrepreneur and on stages alongside speakers like Michelle Obama and Billie Jean King, including World Barre Fitness Summit, MINDBODY BOLD conference and Boutique Fitness Summit, where she serves as testimony to what we can do when we put ourselves in the driver's seat of life.

Her book and podcast, "Own It All: How to stop waiting for change and start creating it, because your life belongs to you," were released in 2019.

Natalie applied her YTT training to open her own yoga business

“This training taught me the fundamentals of being an instructor and how it differs from being a student. The online tools were great for learning at my own pace and in my own way - I could take my time reading and taking notes and go back to anything I may have forgotten from previous lessons. One of my favorite aspects was that it was structured in a way that got us teaching almost immediately. Our training included weekly video submissions that showed us teaching specific poses and sequences, which helped me to find my voice as an instructor and ultimately made it a little less scary when it came time to teaching a class. We also started writing our first class early on and added to it as we learned new material. There is only so much you can be taught and learn in a 200-hour training, but the team did a great job preparing us to teach and market our skills and I truly feel that I got more out of the 200-hour training than if I would have gone elsewhere.”

- Natalie Heath

If you trust in our system, stay with the process, and put in the work, we guarantee you’ll grow from a yogi or fitness enthusiast to a competent teacher, ready to compete for a place in the yoga and fitness industry.

Now Taking Applications For 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

The Barre & Soul Academy 200-Hour Online + Onsite YTT Program
7-Week Online Intensive Program + 1 In-person Day of Workshops and Classes

  • July 6th - August 27th, 2023 (online)
  • 3-hour training calls every Sunday
  • Live video conference office hours by appointment
  • Full yoga online curriculum
  • Personal coach
  • Participate in all online activities and assessments
  • Certifications: Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (RYT200)
  • Graduation Ceremony and one-day intensive on August 27th, 2023 at Barre & Soul Harvard Sq., 36 JFK St. Cambridge, MA (optional)

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